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How do I know if I should sign up for Gigplanit?

Do you have unique skills and talents that are applicable where ever you go? Do you want to see the world and experience new things? Do you want to travel but are afraid you won't have job when you get there? Sign up! Plan it out and take the leap. Are you a business seeking high quality talent to fill fun, unique gigs? Sign up! The talent pool at Gigplanit is vetted and eager to come to you!

I signed up - where is my confirmation email?

Gigplanit automatically sends an email to you as confirmation that you did indeed sign up and contains a link to continue registration and supply a password.

When I signed up I didn't create a password - now the confirmation email says that my password is "your password". What's up with that?

Don't fret - we don't ask you to set your password until AFTER you get your confirmation email. If you follow the link in the confirmation email, you will find yourself at a single - time login where you set your password and can develop your profile!

When I look at the Gig Map, I don't see any gigs.

While it is possible there is nothing posted near you, try expanding the search area or using new search terms. As the site grows, more and more gigs will show up in your area!