About Us

About Us

What's your gig? The Gig Economy is booming and Gigplanit is a recruiting platform focused on bringing new short term opportunities from around the world to the fingertips of highly skilled and talented people looking to plan their next adventure. At gigplanit we want to do our part to make the world a little bit better, that’s why 1% of all revenues go to the World Wildlife Fund - sign up knowing that you’ll be supporting a great cause!

How It Works

Everyday, talented people fly off to a new fantastic destination hoping to pick up a short term gig when they get there. Gigplanit is here to help you plan each stop, giving you peace of mind knowing you have a gig ready for you when you get there.

The Talent

Filling out a profile on Gigplanit will show the world what you have to offer. Leverage your social media presence - embrace it! Show off your art, your photography, language skills or your band’s latest video. Find new exciting gigs all over the world - and let that exposure work to have companies seek YOU out! Build your reputation as you go, getting public feedback from real employers that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The Opportunities

Seeking talent? Have a short term need? Bring new and exciting talent to your business. Contract a videographer, a multi-lingual tour guide or a surfing instructor. Our feedback tool will let you see what other companies thought about the candidates to help you find that diamond in the rough with the experience and credentials you need to boost your company’s level of service!

Unlimited Potential

Gigplanit is for everyone!  Whether you are a painter in Phoenix longing to move to Phuket, or a 5 star hotel in Honduras looking for a hot stone massage therapist, Gigplanit is the place to make the connections and get going with security.  Looking to take a gap year between high school and college?  FInd a sweet summer gig and see the world!

Get Going!

In an effort to get Gigplanit off to a great start - we are offering a free 3 month registration for the first 1,000 talented users and 500 businesses. We know it takes time for a new service like ours to grab hold so sign up now for free and help us build something amazing!

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